Analog Tiling | 2nd Iteration

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From James work with the first iteration I took his idea and make the variation in opening and height follow a gradient. I altered his tile a little by making the tile 1″ by 3″ with heights varying from 1/4″ to 2 1/2″. Having both the opening and height vary seemed a bit muddled. So I separated the two concepts of height and opening. With the second model I focused only on the opening being on a gradient and also changed the tile size to 1″ by 2″ to see how that would alter the system’s appearance. When I did this the gradient seemed easier to read. With the third version I experimented with orienting plain pieces differently and folding some upside down to accommodate the alternating the pieces. For the fourth version I again oriented the pieces diagonally but added different diamond sized pieces to fill in the gaps. This last one took a little trial and error to create to the flaps to overlap correctly.



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