Wrinkle Range + Wavygami



My first exploration was to understand and simplify some of the variables of Mark’s design. I combined the individual triangles into strips. By combining the individual triangles into strip I was able to minimize cutting and create am easily assembled system. Secondly, I standardized the wrinkle distance and varied the the angle of the fold.


Another iteration I wanted to explore was taking Mark’s original design which was understood and presented on a flat plane and suspend it. The introduction of a connection point or datum from which all the strips hung would be necessary for this study. I accomplished this by folding the paper and then hanging it on a paper line.

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Additionally, I wanted to explore the arts of origami and kirigami, which seemed intrinsic in Mark’s process. This led to a ADHD trip down a rabbit hole of cutting folding bending and combining.

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After discovering the beauty and dynamic movement afforded by folding paper,  I attempted to create an assembly designed around a Moroccan Tile Pattern.moroccan-tile

I was inspired by the curvature of the Moroccan Tile but wanted to create a 3D tile which could squish and flex capitalizing on the dynamic nature of paper.

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