Exploration in Triangular Tessellating Origami

My interest in Origami and Kirigami has led me to research in Dynamic origami skins. These skins are composed of tessellated patterns of polygons which can hinge and flex to accommodate changes on a host surface while maintaining geometric uniformity through the modules.

The Water Bomb origami pattern served as the template from which I wanted to create my dynamic skin.


I began by finding the  triangular tessellation pattern that I wanted and cutting out and analogue prototype.

Triangle Test Sheet [Converted].png



I borrowed/Stole this pre made definition from Daniel Piker off of grasshopper3d.com. I tip my hat to whatever computer wizard that put this together!


It seemed simple enough right? WRONG


I soon found that the layers of definitions left me lost in a sea of computational confusion.

Looks like I will be unpacking this definition for awhile. but for the mean time I am beginning to walk before I run. Back to the Basics.


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