Ceramic Iteration | Concept Phase

The following images are the result of collaborative ideation among peers, in an effort to create a ceramic center piece; one that can serve as not only beautiful, but functional as well.

The central idea is to create a geometry from ceramics, that serves as a planter, but also does not give off the essence that it is meant to be planter. With this in mind, we considered the use of different geometries that held the greenery, and others would be the armature for greenery to “split” our geometries apart.

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(Ruffled Pockets): In this first concept idea, the focus was on the fitting of plants in the folds and pockets that would be created by the differentiating wave geometry. The folds would become the modules for the entirety of the piece. The purpose of crafting such a curved geometry, is to represent the Mississippi  river, as it slithers and slides its way down the Minnesota land.

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This concept is a representation of the park and river system in Minneapolis/St. Paul. It uses eight different tiles. The intent is to have plant life grow in the ceramic tile grooves where the parks and rivers are in the tiles.

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“Bursting at the Seams”

Taking a cue from the Loring Park neighborhoods history of being a gathering spot for artist, festivals, community, as well as it’s important and prominent identity as one of Minneapolis’ first parks and it’s strong connection to our nationally renowned park system, this installation would focus on the juxtaposition of the city block and green space that wants to grow, expand, and flourish.


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