Initial Schematic Design Concepts

As an overarching goal we want to encourage nature in the alleyway. We were inspired by Loring Park and want to incorporate the natural qualities of the park into the alleyway. The alleyway itself has lovely qualities we also want to embrace. From our experience in the alleyway we would list these qualities as traditional and European. We want embrace the historical values of alleyways as pedestrian walkways, focusing on enhancing the pedestrian experience. We see theses qualities as a opportunity to connect the alleyway with Loring Park.

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The three main ideas we have all incorporate nature into the alleyway, while each uniquely  interacts with the alleyway itself.

The first concepts concentrates on utilizing the existing planter hangers as armatures. The modules mimic a curved surface and vary in the degree of the curve. The variation in size is not the only difference between modules. The modules could be utilized in multiple ways: water catchment, planters, and bird nesting, etc. The free hanging nature of the modules lend itself to a solution for wind and its effect on them. An armature would be made to connect all of the modules to each other, preventing them from bumping into one another.

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The second concept focuses on a simple incorporation of greenery, specifically moss, into the alley’s environment. The ramp and path form, two things commonly associated with biking, are portrayed in this design. This leads to the preferred location being the rear of the alley, adjacent to the bike shop. The design also lends itself to being easily customized to various sizes. The individual pieces, especially the smaller ones, could be fastened to one another and hung from a single connection point.

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The third concept is a modular gradient, utilizing the various modules for different purposes. All being based around encouraging nature into the space, the variations could be anything from planters and shelving, to bird houses and bird baths. The module shape was originally thought to be based off of a Moroccan tile, but considerations for shaping the modules to be the size of the existing bricks has been thought on also. This would pay homage to the historical nature of the alley, while creating a unique piece created by the field of modules. The location of the concept will depend on current location of available connections that lend themselves to the design’s shape. The overall field of modules would be held together by a single armature or mesh and hung from the existing connections.

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