Site and Concept Design| Neo Nouveau Vine

The primary goal is to draw the passerby into the alley and through the space in an adventuresome and whimsical way

Our design starts with a look to the past. Leslie H Fawkes, built Loring Corners as the first automobile showroom in 1911. The automobile changed the urban landscape forever, and we are taking inspiration from the early handmade automobiles and the design styles prevalent of that period of time, namely, Art nouveau and art deco. With this history and this design we hope to introduce a curving ornamental vine system which will utilize existing conduit structure as a linear armature.concept-presentation

As a collective group to look at what possible armatures would be on the current site and noticed the conduit running from light to light.


From those lines of silver and black and from inspiration of the Art Nouveau/Deco we want to create a system of curves that can be scaled up and scaled down to be as complex as the simple final shape will allow.concept-presentation2concept-presentation3concept-presentation6

The current concept for the shape these curves can take is using a basic profile that will be changed based on the desired curvature.

These curves will be incorporated onto the light and other possible applications.

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