Vogelhauspfad | Bird House Path

Building off of the initial bird house concept we expanded to thinking of the tiling system as a topographical surface. Before long we realized that going with that route meant that every piece would need to be unique. As compelling as the topographic surface would be we decide considering the timeline that we needed to simplify the tile system to have repeating pieces. From there we developed a simplified topographical tile pattern with only six unique tiles. Three of these unique forms are convex to create the birdhouses. The other three form are concave, and are uninhabitable filler pieces.


Our initial thoughts on module shape started at a teardrop / egg shaped extrusion. Those quickly dissolved as the edge connections did not create a complete field effect.

Our thoughts then moved to a tessellated, hexagonal module that is convex or concave depending on the program of the piece.

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When we organize these two types of tile, the concave and the convex, they create a field with a path trailing through.

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