Vogelhauspfad | Ready for the Kiln

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In the past week we’ve been able to cast a two of each of the four different sized birdhouses. We decided to cast half with a fifteen minute wait time and half with a twenty minute wait. With these eight pieces we can tile them to create a field effect with a visible height gradient.

For the second iteration we are thinking about how to give more considerations to the openings and to how the molds meet with the two taller versions. We will probably keep the back mold pieces and reroute just the front molds.



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We decided to experiment with different hole configurations on the back. With these we’ll hopefully be able to try out different types of armatures after the pieces are put through the kiln.



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We also made some variations on the drainage/circulation holes in the tops and bottoms of the houses. Hopefully we’ll be able to give these houses a trial run to see witch works best. The holes are easiest to make after the pieces have been sitting for 4-6 hours. With this timeline the piece is a good balance between stiff and pliable.



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Unfortunately, this morning we lost one house. This episode gave us a better grasp on how fragile the pieces are and a better appreciation for slip casters and their work.


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