To generate options for paint colors we searched both precedents of painted garden walls as well as extracted swatches from local murals.

The resulting swatches can be seen below.


Friday April 21 Update

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Our discussion from class today revealed a preference for vibrant color on the wall. The vibrant color maintains interest throughout winter.

Below are the swatches overlaid on the wall with a preliminary representation of the ceramic pieces arrayed on the wall.

A couple discussions emerged:

  • Brighter colors (example B) vs muted colors (example T).
  • Paint entire wall vs portion of wall.

The wall is shown both painted entirely, and alternately, a portion of the wall painted around the installation. The idea to paint a portion of the wall emerged after seeing some of the more bright and intense colors and sensing that painting the entire wall with these  brighter colors was a bit overwhelming.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once we have a route toward brighter colors vs muted colors and an idea of color family (reds, blues, yellows, greens etc.) we will look at specific paint colors that match that route.


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