Final Post

During the entirety of this semester, I sadly was one of those who questioned the purpose and overall legitimacy of this class. At first, I felt personally that the course was more of an art elective than anything else, but to my surprise and knowledge, there was much more to learn that met my eyes. throughout the course, switching groups, and working with classmates I had never worked with before, I came to realize that the purpose of the class was not solely to teach about modular systems that apply to architecture, but also push the bounds of comfort when it comes to being open minded. “Growth Mindset”, as Molly would say is that most important part of being a better architect, and person. In light of all this, at the end of that day, I not only enjoyed the class and its challenges posed before me, but feel that it taught me some of the most important lessons I could take away. I thank not only the teacher, but my teammates as well for the experience.

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