ARCH3202 | Studio 6 | Digital Ceramics

Digital Ceramics is an architecture design+build studio investigating the intersection between modern robotic manufacturing tools and fabrication processes and age-old materials of casting ceramics. The course will address the issues architects face in introducing variation into typical standardized building systems and materials. Students will learn new ways of thinking about design in terms of rule-based modular material systems.

Coursework will draw on two different knowledge bases and skill sets, which merge ceramics with digital tools and fabrication processes. This course will familiarize architecture students with new ways of making, such as: 3d modeling, parametric design, and digital fabrication with the use of the laser cutter and CNC router. These techniques will be applied to the ceramic reproductive process of slip casting: making molds, casting forms, firing and installing a site specific work.

Students will work individually and in groups on a series of exercises, presentations, and projects. Deliverables include reading and precedent research presentation, site research and analysis, and two prototypes of a fabricated series of tiles or a wall system of bricks.