Color = Soul

The wall for the planter/birdhouse location previously served to enclose the parking lot in a white box conflicting with the … More


The ceramic planter group and the bird house group have decided to join programs on the same sight. The two … More

Ruled Pyramid

Ruled pyramid was an exploration of modular variation utilizing a simple form. 1/4″ strips of paper, folded at strategic point … More

Snails Pace

The idea would be to array this module over a grid. The height of each strip driven by its distance … More

Surfing with the Alien

A 1/4″ wide and approximately 10″ long strip was utilized as a module. A simple fold, it’s location informed by … More

Skewed Perspective

A simple 1:1:1 cube that is skewed incrementally along the x and y axes as it arrays. This exercise in … More