The Final Stretch

With the semester coming to an end and summer beginning to blossom production in studio 6 is at an all … More


The new design of the vine is more like an actual vine. Branches and twigs intertwine creating a effortless flow … More

Vine | Design

Molds before being routed on the CNC machine These blanks are 24″ by 16″ and are very heavy. It took … More

Geodesic Sphere

The idea behind the geodesic sphere was to capture and play with light in a modular and varying way. The … More

Cellular Modularity

After the first iteration I wanted to explore different shapes and openings. In the second of the three iterations, the … More

Gramazio Kohler Research

Gramazio, Kohler and team have explored some of the many possibilities of 3D printing and robotics. With well documented work, … More